Need 2 B Myself

Who is the Face behind TAMU?

My name is Lucie aka Lobota ,  born in Belgium in the 80’s and my roots are from RDC  (Ex-Za├»re)  . Beside a mother ( of a queen & a king) , a  graduated fashion student , a sister , a wife , and daughter , I am an extreme passionate woman who can’t help but expressing herself.  I believe that the best way of telling  something is non verbal and I’ m truly convinced  that clothes  are the best medium to tell your story.

What does TAMU means?

TAMU  means “sugary” in Swahili , the native language of my mother.

What does TAMU stands for ?

TAMU  is about Being yourself by  Embracing your difference.

It is a mix of Classic Vintage ( my first love) , exotisme ( my roots)  and the Urban Life (my lifestyle).


Why buy TAMU?

Because  it offers you  unique , classic , versatile, timeless designs. Choosing for TAMU , is choosing for a lifestyle, it lasts forever!
The material is natural so you CAN recycle your clothes.
Above on that , not only you know WHAT your clothes are made of , you also know HOW ,  WHERE & WHO made it!
But hurry up, there is not enough for everybody !!!


For Who?

Pirates & Queens ; )