Need 2 B Myself

Who is the Face behind TAMU?

My name is Lucie  and my roots are from Congo (Ex-Zaïre) . I am 39 years old and was born in Belgium in the 80’s  . Beside a mother ( of a queen & a king) , a fashion student , a sister , a wife , and daughter , I am an extreme passionate woman who can’t help but expressing herself. Altough I have a communication degree , expressing myself verbally has never been my strength. I believe that the best way of telling  something is non verbal and I’ m truly convinced  that clothes  are the best medium to tell your story.


What does TAMU means?

TAMU  means sugary in Swahili , the native language of my mother.


What does TAMU stands for ?

TAMU  is about Being yourself by  Embracing your difference.

It is a mix of Classic Vintage ( my first love) , exotisme ( my roots)  and the Urban Life (my lifestyle).


Where is it made?

TAMU is made in Belgium!

  1.   custom made :  done by me.
  2.  limited editions : done in Brussel @ a small atelier – De Welvaartkapoen


Which Material is used?

100% cotton!

The batik technique is why these fabrics are also called wax. This method is originated from Indonesia and makes all this beautiful patterns possible. Due to the way the prints are obtained, it is impossible to make each piece of cloth look exactly the same so they are truly unique. Furthermore the fabric used to make the clothes is cut by hand, so that the print positioning is different on each item meaning each one is one of a kind.


Why buy TAMU?

Because  it offers you  unique , classic , versatile, timeless designs. Choosing for TAMU , is choosing for a lifestyle, it lasts forever!
The material is natural so you CAN recycle your clothes.
Above on that , not only you know WHAT your clothes are made of , you also know HOW ,  WHERE & WHO made it!
But hurry up, there is not enough for everybody !!!

For Who?

Pirates & Queens ; )






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