• Main color : Pink
  • Characters colors: Green, blue, purple and white

Made by Soque.nl:  80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elasthane = 100% Fun!

Available  in 1 size:

36 – 40 (Europa)

Delivery : 2 à 4 working days in Belgium


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Through my brand I promote selflove, motivate people to appreciate who they  are, because I believe that being yourself is what really  matters.

Designing prints is my way to show cultural appreciation but also  to embrace my difference in order to accept myself = love myself!

The printdesign of this edition is made in collaboration with Joanna Retsin, as my intern, she had as assignement to design a print that reflects the spirit of TAMU; feeling misunderstood because you are or think different…

While the different shapes and colors of the characters refers to diversity, is the abstract signature a reference to the traditional African Art.

Miss Understood  or beind different is a good thing, thank god , we are all different , meaning, unique.

Embrace It, that’s your strength.