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What I love the most about designing , is the reward you get when you are done with making something .  Don’t get me wrong I’ ve also cherish all the processes involved before , such as drawing , sewing , doing research , looking for fabrics… But nothing beats the moment when your garment is done , whent it comes alive. And for me a  fotoshoot is the best way to visualise all the efforts that you’ve made.
So for this session , I had the honour to collaborate with 3  fantastic  ladies : Nadja Zheks,  a lovely lady  and amazing photographer that approached me a few months ago , after she bumped into my dressses at Visitrice.  And the gorgeous twin sisters Esther & Laura Vantorre, that I met for the first time 2 months ago at the Fair Fahion Festival.
Though we did not know each other for a long time, the photoshoot ran smoothly ; sun was shining , clothes were fitting perfectly , models posed flawless,  photographer  was filled with good energy … I could have not ask for more!
Hereby thank you to the lovely man of the grocery store in the Sleeptraat for using his vegetables and also thank you to the lovely crew of Dok  for letting us use their playground. And last but not least,  massive thanks to Nadja, Esther& Laura for this beautiful unforgettable experience.